Cirque de Soleil’s Corteo

For the first time in many years, I drove down to Hartford to the huge XL center to take in an extraordinary show… Cirque de Soleil’s Corteo.  The show was a visual treat with funny touches. I think despite the constant dialogue in an unidentified language, no one tries to follow any ‘plot’ it’s more about how these athletes perform, the dazzling array of acrobatic stunts.

The huge arena was set up with two seating areas, on either side of the stage. The performers faced both ways, alternating, and used a giant spinning stage to rotate as the show went on.

One of the best moments was when the tiny performer known as Valentyna Pahlevanyan rode a set of massive helium balloons out into the audience, and they gently tapped her tiny feet to keep her bobbing above the seats, finally nudging her back to the stage.

I love the way the performers have silent mock fights with one another, all while they do impressive feats of strength and coordination. This is a fantastic show that anyone will enjoy seeing.