I Miss My Truck

I once had a Nissan truck like this, and boy, do I miss it!
I once had a Nissan truck like this, and boy, do I miss it!

Snow is coming.  These days forecasts have gotten so good that when they say 100 percent, yep, we WILL get snow.  So it’s now the week before Thanksgiving, and the radio says we’ll see 4-6 inches, starting around six pm.  My snowblower is securely stowed down at Bill’s farm, wrapped up and put away for the summer.

I’ll have to find a vehicle to bring the lawnmower down there and bring back the heavy Toro snowblower.  Oh, how I miss my truck.

I have had my own truck since 2006, when I bought a great little Nissan Frontier from my next-door neighbors.  Besides having to put in a new transmission about three months after buying the thing, it did me well, providing me with a dump vehicle, a leaf dumping system, and a wood gathering platform.

Having a truck is great. I loved throwing my bike and my kayak into the back and heading out.  My truck was in pretty bad shape back when I had it though, with a driver’s seat permanently stuck in a precarious reclining position.  And junk in the back seat and tires that looked great but were too big for the wheel wells, and rubbed sometimes

. I loved it, and once had it decked out with my GoNOMAD Cafe logos on the sides and back. I had to cover these after it was no longer a commercial vehicle.

But time took its toll, and in 2018, I had to ditch the old 1999 Frontier, and since then I’ve bemoaned the loss of my ability to help friends move, handle my leaves, pick up my snowblower and take whatever I need to the dump. I pine for my own truck, and keep eyeing a particularly old and broken down one that a friend has been trying to sell in front of his house for months.

My Kingdom, My Kingdom, for another truck!