Prince Edward Island, Canada Awaits!

map PEI

My next destination has eluded me for the many years I’ve been traveling during the summer up to Canada. This time I’ll be heading to Prince Edward Island, in the Canadian Maritimes.  Some of things I”ll be doing there include learning how the native Indians made drums, visiting a museum about potatoes, and staying in a lighthouse!

Canada is always the most friendly place you can visit.  The people are uniformly helpful, friendly and full of interesting stories. In the five years that I’ve been heading north to Canada in July, I’ve never came across anyone who wasn’t this way, I envy Canada for the many things that they have figured out that still elude the US.  Like controlling guns and providing free health care for their citizens.

The last lobsters of the summer, enjoyed on the deck at the Compass Rose. No fishing for lobster will take place until November.
I can’t wait to eat lobster in Prince Edward Island!

Canada is where all of Maine and Cape Cod’s lobsters have gone to.  It’s getting too warm down south, so the majority of these tasty crustaceans are off the coast of Canada, and the ones that aren’t sold to China will be offered to people like me. I can’t wait to dig into a lobster pie!