Why Do I Travel? The Answer is Clear

I'll be visiting an "area of outstanding natural beauty" in Devon, along the southern coast of England.
I’ll be visiting an “area of outstanding natural beauty” in Devon, along the southern coast of England.

Why do I travel?  Tonight, the answer couldn’t be clearer.

Tonight, I am so aware of exactly why, and it’s given me an exhilaration and excitement about my upcoming trip.

I’ve been sick and in bed way more than I ever have in the past two weeks, but now I’m cleared for take-off.  I had a great visit with my doc and I’m feeling good. I think I am up for the big amount of walking I’ll do up and down the long aisles in London’s Excel Center, where the World Travel Market takes place every November.

Last year was my first time, now I think I might be a little more prepared and ready to scout out prospects and find great story ideas.  The show is almost a blur–more than 9000 travel professionals and booths from every corner of the earth.  Last year, even Venezuela tried to make their case as a tourism destination–hey, you gotta be here!

The best part of any show, though, is the parties….those opportunities to have drinks with the right people, and meet your peers who might only be friends through email.  Facetime is super important to me!

I travel to get out into the world and share it in my writing, photos, and stories. I need to leave my house and instead of going to work, I take a trip.  It’s all good, and it’s been this way for nearly 20 years.

On Wednesday, after a session of speed dating with tourism boards, I’ll depart in the afternoon for Seaton, in Devon. If I am up for it, there is a ten-mile hike along the coast. I might be up for it, but I’ll decide when I get there!