Life Is Good! Wake Up and Get Working

We have 27 ebooks that are for sale on Amazon about destinations around the world.
We have 27 ebooks that are for sale on Amazon about destinations around the world.

I can’t remember a time when I felt more energized and happy to be back in my office working.  I think it has to do with the contrast from the previous few weeks when I was laid up with that leg infection. Everything I tried to do was awful, so having this glorious contrast has put a spring in my step.

I am happy that today because Mary had to wake up at the crack of dawn, I followed suit.  As she drove out of the driveway at 5:45 am, I just jumped out of bed and got myself going.  I always feel somewhat virtuous and better when I wake up early–I got so much done that at 10 o’clock, I looked at the time with incredulity. Wow, it’s ONLY 10!

There are many things going in my favor….I’m not sick anymore.  I got two great interns lined up to start working on GoNOMAD in late January.  I have two more interns who want to work with us this summer.  That’s been a tough one this semester, no interns, nobody to help get the many tasks that one can’t do all alone done. So I’ll have some great help starting soon.

Another nice thing was when I got a check for my Amazon ebooks.  We worked quite hard and published 27 of these ebooks, and due to some problems, we hadn’t been getting paid. But I got caught up, gave my friend a break, and now we’re back.  And when I went to read the recent reviews of some of the titles, they were pretty good.  That’s nice, and it all came from real readers who bought our Plane Readers.

Last week at World Travel Market, I met a bunch of people and now comes the big task of trying to reach out to all of them for follow up. Whether it’s a story or for an ad campaign, this is the hardest part…but also the most crucial.

I am looking ahead to speaking at the NY Times Travel Show, no trips so far on the horizon, and the fun holiday of Thanksgiving next week, which is always a short week. Life is good!