Traveling by Car Has a Wonderful Simplicity: North to New Brunswick

ogunquitGoing on a trip to another country is way, way easier when you’re driving.  As we pack up and head up to Ogunquit, en route to Bar Harbor, then New Brunswick, I feel a lighter load, and less anxiety. No flight to miss/catch, no security to go through, no worries about weight and no worries about what I might have forgotten. I just bring everything!

Mary is getting into the act–she’s packed up a bunch of her oil painting supplies, so she has lots of bags, but we’re still ok in my four-door Nissan sedan. I haven’t spent much time in Ogunquit, and Bar Harbor is 20 years in the rear-view mirror.  I can’t wait to see it all.

Of course, if you’re a regular blog reader, you’ll see it all too, as I will be blogging and posting lots of photos and details about what lies around each next corner. Before I left I was happy to set up articles to run throughout the month on GoNOMAD.  Some of these are really great pieces, including a story about cow fighting in Switzerland, a piece about the place in Nashville where they’ve printed posters since 1879, a piece about Nigerian movie makers, and another by the same author, Cindy-Lou Dale, about cigar lounges in Talinn, Estonia….and a story written by a blind traveler named Tony who visited Senegal.

Our site has never looked better, and our traffic is climbing back up to where it was before we made our big switch. Life is good!