My Goals for 2016

2011 year resolutionI’ve found that there is power in putting thoughts, ideas and especially, goals down in writing. So every year I try to come up with some goals, obtainable ones I hope, to further my life and my business. So not in order of priority, here is what I hope to accomplish in 2016.  I did pretty well with last year’s resolutions, so I hope to continue my streak in 2016!

Read more books.  Despite owning so many books, and getting great books sent to me by publishers, I don’t read enough of them. So I ordered a new book from Amazon last week, which will be my first read of the year. As modest as this might appear, I am shooting for reading a book a month, or twelve books over the year. Lame, yeah, but this year I don’t think I finished more than one or two. I’ve gotta carve out that time before bed, hide the TV remote, and leave my phone out in the car. Then maybe I’ll finish more books!  First up, a novel called “Geeks” about a family of carnival show freaks who roam around the country.

Shoot and Post more videos.  We do a great job at GoNOMAD publishing long-form travel articles and thousands of photos. But we need to beef up the videos.  In line with the way the whole world of media is going, I vow to post at least a few videos every month on our , as well as shoot double or triple the amount of video footage on all of my trips. First up, Providence RI, then Montreal, two places where I bet I can find some great things to film.

Take Drumming lessons.  I enjoy drumming so much, now that I’ve become a firm member of Joe O’Rourke’s weekly rock and roll jam, and as a result, I need to step up my game. Yeah, I’m good at keeping the beat, but I have to push to the next level by getting lessons from better drummers. I have to invest in chops so that my fills will be better and I have more dexterity on all of the drums, not just the snare and high hat.  I want to move to a higher level of musical proficiency.

Redesign GoNOMAD Travel.   We’ve got a re-design in the works, but it’s stalled. And I know that I spent many years anticipating our last re-design that took place in 2012.  Now it’s time to figure out how to build a truly responsive design with photo galleries on all the pages and a very modern cool look. We have the content, we just need a cooler skin.  I’ve gotta push hard not to let this one fade and accept things…onward is the only way up!

Go Back to the Gym.  Ok, Ok, I’m jumping on the old favorites when it comes to resolutions. But even though I’ve gotten into a routine of running, I need to get the upper body strength back. So it’s time to find a gym and put a few sessions of working out into my daily routine. Oh, and keep running too, despite the weather!

Find a Place to Work with Other People. This has been a tough one ever since I closed the cafe and my office in late 2011.  I have nowhere to go, and despite keeping busy and having lunches with friends, I need to find a co-working space that will work for me. I am intrigued by what’s happening at the Left Click work space, being constructed in Northampton. Maybe that will work. I’ve also put out feelers with the state that offer grants to people who want to start co-working spaces. Can this be the year that I create my own space, or collaborate with other like-minded folks to that we can open one here in Deerfield or North Amherst?

Find the light, focus on the positive.  I said this last year, and I want to continue to be the positive one–give compliments, give encouragement, praise friends and colleagues and find the good in everyone. Sure, it’s sappy, but it’s the way to live a happier life by paying it forward.

Play more Poker or bridge.  Another one from last year–in 2015 I think I only played cards about four times, and this year I want to play more regularly. And finding three other people who can play bridge, as well as keeping our poker games going, would be fantastic!