We Wanted to Go Back to Our Fantasy Hotel Room

Johnny Jet cracks me up. This is a snip of a recent report of a trip to the South Pacific on Frommers.com

Black Pearl Farm

When we stopped at our guide’s small, company-owned pearl farm and he took a leak in front of the truck on the side of the road, I was then pretty certain he’d been drinking. Their pearl farm wasn’t a working one so it was a joke compared to the one I’d seen in Fiji and other ones on the island.

He began explaining the long, boring process and all I could think about was how to end the tour and go back to our fantasy hotel room. After about 15 minutes (that was 14 minutes too long), I finally interrupted him and said we’d seen enough. I’d cut the tour a few hours short, which meant we’d be skipping the motu picnic. He was cool about it and didn’t give us any high-pressure sales pitch to buy black pearls, which I thought he would have done. He drove us carefully and safely back to the wharf, which only took 15 minutes since cut through the middle of the island.