Chris Bilodeau’s New Job in the State Department

I love it when cops come into the cafe. I love having them as our regular customers, and getting to know the men behind the badge. I wish the chief would come in for coffe…I’ve been tempted to give him gift certificates to come, but then thought better of it. But among the officers who do come in one just got a really cool new job.

Christopher R. Bilodeau, a former SDPD officer, is now a Special Agent for the US Dept of State’s Diplomatic Security Service. He will be working out of Boston, but will likely take assignments far afield. “One of my friends is living in Peshawar,” he said brightly today, at the cafe. He usually has his daughter in tow and his wife is also a regular with her laptop and chai.

He said he’s going to be working with US diplomats all over the world. He had that spark in his step of a man who’s excited about a new job. He’ll join a re-invigorated State Department with Hillary at the helm next month.

I wish him all the best.