Making the Plan for the "Mancation" to Amsterdam

Winter in New York City: it’s only about 36 degrees outside and a winter storm is set to strike on Friday. That should be fun; cozy and snowed in on Green Lane. Today we will pay a visit to Brigitta Koon at the Netherlands Tourism Board here in the city to discuss a trip being planned for early 2009.

This will be our “Man-cation” when I will accompany my old pal Bill to Amsterdam for a little buddy time in this great old city. We are thinking of the things that two men might do on vacation…sports, clubs, biking, maybe even cooking, in this fun city. I was pleased to blog on my TravelNewsNotes blog that flights are being restored between Bradley in CT and Amsterdam.

The flights had been full five times a week but were still discontinued by KLM when jet fuel prices spiked. Good news and this flight makes Amsterdam an even more compelling destination for New Englanders.