Irritated During the "Most Wonderful Time of the Year"

I’m irritated today as I sit at my desk. Ugh…things going wrong and I am being annoyed by many things that grate at me. Let me recite a few of them.

There was a fire in the apartment above the cafe this morning. Old wires connected to about six extension cords, all sucking from one little outlet. The firemen came, smelled smoke and proceeded to rip the hell out of the wall and ceiling trying to find the fire’s source. So we had to close the cafe for about three hours, then start it all up again and make all new coffee. Just turning off the espresso maker is a pain since it takes 30 minutes to warm back up.

Then I get invited to dinner: at FIVE PM! What am I, a blue hair? Who can eat at 5 pm? Ugh. But our friends have an appointment and it works for them, so hey, suck it up and get with the program. Smile, it’s the friggin’ holidays.

I go to get blood drawn first thing in the morning for my physical next week. DOH! I had coffee with milk, so can’t take the blood, gotta go there again tomorrow. Then I run into a vendor who reminds me of an old bill that I have to pay, which pisses me off because he should have been paid by the guy I hired. Ugh.

Then I run over and look at the sales for the cafe…dismal since we missed the whole morning rush. Need I say more? ugggh. Annoyed…and Happy Holidays to you too!