The Shooter’s Off to Tunisia, Iranian Story Coming Out in the Advocate

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It’s a rainy, horrible day, ironically, one in which many people will be traveling up and down the roads and over the snowy railroads to get together with family and friends. I remember before I was a grandfather, I used to make similar treks down to New Jersey. Now though, I’d rather gather with the little guy and my own extended family.

Our intrepid shooter Paul Shoul is off to Tunisia, he should be landing just about now. I can’t wait to read and see his images from this North African land, which few people I know have seen. I am hoping to go myself in May, preferring this to going now over Christmas.

I just got an email that my story about life in Iran for Iranians should be coming out in the Valley Advocate in January. It’s still funny to me how important that can be, how much of a thrill I still get to see that printed newspaper with my story inside.

I took a little time to go back and read my blogs that I wrote in December ’04, ’05, ’06 and ’07. I focused then more on snips from articles I had read back then and less on the goings on in my life. I hope that everyone who reads this blog enjoys the current mix of topics….your attention is among my most valuable possessions!