The Mystery is Solved, But the Results Still Suck

We’ve solved the riddle of who violated Cindy’s house by breaking in and stealing my TV, her jewelry, laptop and camera. The sad thing is, he’s a guy who I hired to renovate my bathroom on Mountain Road! He has been to Cindy’s house before so he knew the layout and saw some of the stuff he would steal a month back.

I got the details after hearing about a visit to the Northampton Police. There, artifacts were displayed from this man’s stash of stolen goods. After a few pieces of jewelry didn’t match, the young detective continued…and when he showed the foreign money in plastic and a specific piece of jewelry that was missing, the whole story became clear. This is the guy who broke in and walked around the house looking for things to steal…the cops say it’s to pay for a drug habit.

It seems my handyman has been at this quite a long while. The cops said he broke into four houses in Holyoke and Leeds and obviously spent some time in Holyoke doing daytime break-ins there too. They actually caught him during one of the daytime breaks…now he’s in jail awaiting trial. Despite this obvious evidence, nobody can convict him yet of breaking and entering at Cindy’s….just receiving stolen property. Ughh this pisses me off.

I still have his cellphone number. Do you think there’s any point in leaving him a nasty message asking him to bring my big Sony TV and Cindy’s ring back? Sad thing is I’m sure it’s been hocked for much less than its worth…since a person’s need for crack significantly lowers anything’s value.