Twitter Has Eclipsed the Blog as the Hot Thing Here

Twitter is definitely replacing the blog as the key application that people are interested in at the PhoCusWright show. During our session, the big screen showed a live feed of all of the twitter comments made during that session and during other sessions. It was real time feedback, comments made by the minute, and all of the posts were less than 140 characters.

Yet we gleaned a lot about the zeitgeist of the meeting, it gave us all a sense of what people were thinking, and while the blogs are also useful, they are longer and take more time to read, so we can’t enjoy those as quickly as we can the tweets.

Eric Hiss, a writer friend who came to the show today and started his own travel site called Wandermelon, made a good point during the blogger’s session…that it’s all a part and it’s all important…the short tweets, the Facebook pages, the blogs, and the websites. They all add up, in different ways, to mixing together forming the media landscape in 2008.