Snackable Video Clips Make Trip Television Cool

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Trip Television is one of the brightest stars of the Travel Innovator’s summit, since I truly believe that the next big step in travel content has to be video. I think that once people have seen video they will no longer be content to simply read words or view photos.

The co-founder of the company, Kulin Strimbu, presented today, her concept is that their unique patented player will present ‘snack sized’ chunks of video, between 7-10 seconds, to entice viewers and keep their interest. Then when the viewer clicks on one of these tasty snacks, it flips to a 1 minute version. Then the player randomizes the content, so that if the same viewer comes back again, he’ll see different slices of video.

At the top of Trip Television’s player is a slip and slide bar that shows stills of some of the frames. The player runs high definition video, so it’s crisp, yet loads fast. One of the best things about their service is that it costs a hotel, attraction or tour operator just $250 a month to have the player on their site and that covers all of the bandwidth costs.