Phones Are the Future of the Web

WCities is a perfect travel website to adopt a mobile platform, as they focus on detailed destination guides to major US cities. Now I am listening to Fraser Campbell talk about how he provides content to many sites like Yahoo, AOL and others. We do the same thing at GoNOMAD but I still feel we can do it better and do it over a mobile phone platform.

Socialight is a company that collects travel content from partners like the NY Times, Travel Channel, and TimeOut and then people comment and share the info. On mobile phones now, there are three levels of use…SMS messages, mobile or truncated web, and the fullblown web that you see on an iphone. Gotta get in touch with this guy.

Then we heard from a very savvy guy who works with major telcos providing the products that run on their phones. The company is called Networks in Motion, and they’ve raced ahead with growth, now they have offices in China, Europe and Southern California.

The products range from personal navigation on phones to search functions and platforms that send out messages. Again and again I am sensing what Google realized a few years ago. Phones are the future of the web.