Twisting, Turning, and Finally Reaching Grafoglia

After a twisting, turning, eyes-shut-in-the-back-seat ride up mountain roads, around curves you never, ever saw the end of, we finally made it to Grafoglia. We spied our hosts, Pietro and Kerry, outside by the garden and knew we had made it. What a gorgeous place it is!

Located in the mountains outside the walled city of Barga, Grafoglia is a place to come and relax. We sat by the pool and read our books, we made a big lunch of pasta, chicken with lemon and zucchinis and sipped Orvieto. We joked and laughed and took naps, then it was time once more to navigate the twisty roads and hope nobody was coming the other way. We made it here to this little internet point to touch base again with the world.

The buildings at our lodgings have been restored carefully, the thick stone walls afford complete and utter silencio at night. A rushing stream provides a nice accompaniment and the faraway rooster and barking dog adds a rustic charm. Kerry is a clothing designer, writer, and now, hostess, and has guests come each week to stay in the apartment and the little building that sleeps two more.

This week will be filled with good books, good eats and good wine, and relaxing is the priority at this place. It feels good to be back in Italy.