A News Fast at Grifoglia is Good for the Soul

We are in the midst of a media fast. I did not realize this when we set up this trip, but the fact is that Grifoglia, with green fields and rolling hills, is in the sticks. There is nothing here except a big garden, a lovely pool, a stone house and enough food and wine to keep us all sated. So, with no TV, no radio, no internet and no newspapers, we have only ourselves to provide the entertainment. We love it!

I have taught my three mates how to play bridge. We have had long lunches with pasta, pesto, fresh tomatoes and basil from the garden, and took long naps. We have plowed through numerous books, and lounged by the pool. We have taken a few day trips, including to the walled city of Lucca, but mostly, we have enjoyed true relaxation.

Today Cindy and I interviewed Kerry Bell, who with her husband Pietro Messina founded this lovely apartment rental in the country. It has been a six year labor of love, and now she gets guests for up to 12 weeks a year from the US and the UK. Two Scots have taken up residence this week in the barn, a stone structure with a kitchenette that sits right above the pool.

This has been good for me. Enough news for me, enough absorbing so many irrelevant facts. News fasts feel very good, and there is nothing I cannot catch up on late next week.