What’s In a Name? With ‘Gambling Men,’ Suher Gets Our Attention

At one point this morning both Cindy and I were on our laptops, scanning the local news. I asked her what she was reading and she said it was about Eric Suher’s newest purchase. I jumped over to Masslive and read that my old boss has a new scheme, and an intriguing name for the LLC that purchased the land.

The name of the company is Dadgayodoh, with is a Seneca Indian name for ‘Gambling Men.” Hmmmm.

He’s just bought 20.5 acres his 60-acre Mountain Park property. The land comes with 54 condos and open land approved for 123 more. It’s called Castle Hill, and it’s right near where Eric bought a giant house on Mountain View Road.

In classic Suher style, reporter David Reid of the Republican couldn’t get him to talk, but he did include some second hand quotes from a neighbor. Cindy and I agreed that seeing Eric’s investments in Holyoke mean good things for the city. The neighbor, Lawrence Lajoie, agreed. “I feel a lot more comfortable dealing with Eric Suher than the former owners of Castle Hill, who were from the Boston area,”

And what better time to again revisit gambling, now that Middleborough has opened the door with its Yes vote for the Wampanoags. Two votes in Holyoke both said yes. I predict that Gambling Men are coming to Mountain Park sooner than we think.