Sneaking Away for A Swim in the Berkshires

On Friday it was sweltering, and I took advantage of the warm weather to play hooky. I met Cindy and we drove out to Lenox, where two friends and their daughter were enjoying a week in the Berkshires by the pool. When we first got there, dreaming of that famous “Nestea Plunge” it began to rain. But I dove in anyway, but jumped out quickly fearing the nearby lightning. Then it cleared up and we spent a lazy afternoon lounging in the pool.

The Berkshires were full of New Yorkers. We met a man who teaches tennis lessons and he said that more than half of his clients are the sons and daughters of city dwellers, who come up for vacation and leave with better strokes.

Later that night I got a call from my son in law Francisco exclaiming about a hailstorm. “You should see it, it’s crazy here, trees down, wind, blowing like crazy and these hailstones are falling!” I came by the house today to find a huge pine tree limb covering up the spot where Francisco parks his car, it had missed both my shed and the garage. So after I finish up here at the cafe, it’s time to put my new truck to work hauling this pine tree and assorted brush off to the dump.