A Rail Trail from the Valley to Boston–It’s Coming!

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Christina Uss writes in the Republican Weekend edition about the 104-mile rail trail, that will someday connect Boston with the Valley. It’s a struggle all right, since the hurricane in 1938 that scuttled the rails that put the Mass Central out of business, and left the tracks to rot. Over the years, people moved in, built swimming pools, driveways and houses on the old pathway.

People in Western Mass like Craig Della Penna work hard, day after day, trying to move projects like this big long bike trail along. So far segments join Sterling and Rutland for ten miles, and thirty more miles are being built near Worcester. Della Penna is walking the old railroad path, he’s gone from Boston to Sudbury, and reports good progress in tony Weston. They expect to pull out machetes further along the way, where forests have crept steadily back, in the way of the future bicyclists and walkers.