Packing Peanuts that Melt in the Sink

Today we recieved a big box from espresso, they had sent us some new china cups and some cute little espresso spoons. We are glad that now we can finally offer customers real china cups to sip from. But the part that amazed me was that the box was stuffed with what appeared to be those cursed foam peanuts. I hate these things, they slip and slide everywhere and when you throw them in the trash, they manage to bounce out of the can and end up being very hard to get rid of.

But Britt told me these were different peanuts…these were the kind of peanuts made from some sort of edible fiber…she took the whole box and dumped them into the sink. Slowly, they melted…turning into white powder when the water hit them. Bravo for this product, I am no longer annoyed!

Today we also signed up for a new advertising medium…a magazine called ‘Travel Host’ that is distributed in all of the hotels and motels in the Valley. We wrote up some copy for the salesman, who was patiently waiting, and next month we’ll be featured reading for all of those leaf peepers who might just want to check their email and have a latte en route.