Memories of Our Grenada Invasion

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In 1983, President Reagan invaded Grenada. It was called Operation Urgent fury, and we sent more than 7000 troops to take over. Today on the History Channel, this mission was recalled.

One medical professor recalls the troops. “It was almost a carnival with the invastion,” he said. “kids and women were dancing, giving sweets and flowers to the US Troops.” After the battle, in which 17 Americans died, there was a thought that the US would continue to govern, or run the island. But the leader who eventually formed the interim government said the US did not influence any of his choices for ministers. The US left without leaving an army in place. The battle was with Cuba and the Sandistas, who wanted to install a Marxist goverment, vs. the US and its Caribbean allies. After a bloody uprising in Grenada, the war lasted two months.

It should also be noted that on October 23, 1983, American foreign policy and pride suffered a terrible shock when a Muslim suicide bomber destroyed the Marine barracks in Beirut, killing 240 U.S. Marines. A successful campaign in Grenada would prove helpful in alleviating the pain of that setback. hat tip: