Tango Diva Swims Nude in her Private Phuket Pool

AU teresa 770643
Last night I returned to the office after making a run to the market, and stayed up too late answering email and browsing new travel sites. One I liked was ‘tangodiva.com,’ where jetsetting liberated women swim nude in private pools in Phuket. She had her own pool, and she reveled in her aloneness as well as being nude by herself. No need for a girlfriend or a man.

That was written by the head Tangodiva herself, Teresa. She once worked for Richard Simmons, famous kooky weight loss guru, and then moved to Australia and became a top model. Next was a fascinating story of overcoming fear and heading down to Cartagena, Colombia. I’ve always wanted to go to Colombia, and usually read anything I find about the place.

The author recalls how much fear she had about the country, the forbidden yet beautiful nation that the state department says to avoid. She pondered whether kidnappers were waiting around each corner. But there was only the incredible colonial beauty of this seaside place, and only about one room vacant, in a fancy Sofitel on the ocean.

When I finally left the office it was midnight. At home I curled up in bed and spent another hour readimg Wired, with Rupert Murdoch on the cover. Lots to blog about here, as usual.