Tonight I Fly to Portugal

There’s nothing like walking down the long corridor at Logan airport on your way to an international flight.  My world is coming back, as I board the Lufthansa Airbus to Frankfort, then to my port of departure, Oporto, Portugal.

Scenic Azure, cruising the Douro River from Porto to Salamanca.
Scenic Azure, cruising the Douro River from Porto Portugal to Salamanca, Spain.

Porto is a wonderful city, all on a big hill, with the famous Ribeira neighborhood down by the Douro river, then the city sprawls upward from there.  You look across the river at the neon signs from the Port makers like Sandeman and others.

I’ll stay one night there and on the 9th we board our vessel, the Scenic Azure, where I’ll be lodging in cabin BB217.

It’s a long cruise, going to Salamanca in Spain and then back again, and I’ll return on August 19.  I’m looking forward to the man side excursions that the trip offers, including visiting the city of Aveiro, and a corking factory…also Vila Nova de Gaia, a famous historic district right on the Douro River to taste their aged port wine.