Molloyster Aquafarm: Slurping Oysters Grown in Maine

The Molloy family on the Josey Wales.
The Molloy family on the Josey Wales.

150 Oyster Farms Dot the Coast of Maine

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We spent part of last night on the water with a family of oyster farmers, who are based in Cumberland, Maine.

Todd Molloy and his wife Meredith met us at the end of the dock in Diamond Cove, and we boarded their 32-foot former lobster boat and cracked open some beers before heading off to the farming area, off Great Chebeague Island.

The Josey Wales is a solid boat with a great pedigree up here in Maine, and she can cruise at 26 knots.

The Molloyster Aquafarm is located off the coast of a nearby island, Great Chebeague, and in this narrow little slice of ocean thousands of tiny seed oysters are grown for up to two years until they became large enough to sell.

There is nothing I can think of that was more tempting than this opportunity to join the Molloys that Tuesday evening.

There is something about meeting a boat at sunset, heading out to the sea with a wide wake behind you, and then to be able to chat up these interesting Mainers and then slurp down countless bivalves—what could top that?


Oysters are the ultimate seafood, the perfect example of the taste of the ocean, and these were well-shucked so they didn’t stick to shells and leave meat behind.

Todd and Meredith shared their interesting stories about how they got into the oyster business and the byzantine health and tax regulations that make it all a challenge to be sure.

Todd prepares the raw oysters off Great Chebeague Island.
Todd prepares the raw oysters off Great Chebeague Island.

Raising oysters has become so popular that there is now an official Maine Oyster Trail, like the famous Maine Beer Trail, with an online guide that makes a map you can follow to taste as many of the 150 different oyster farm’s oysters as you can manage!

Molloyster Aquafarm
16 Juniper Lane, Cumberland, ME, 04021
Phone: 207-712-0088