April 26, 2020: Irrigation Hoses Going into the Garden

Today’s date means the same lousy thing in any part of the U.S. and around the world. It’s a day in the midst of the famous pandemic, for which news has been surrendered and that touches every one of us, rich or poor.  I had a great day yesterday, it resembled a normal day. I put on my mask and gloves and went to the farmer’s supply store for six bags of Moodoo.  Had to get my garden beds ready to plant when the threat of freezing is gone.  I’m thinking around May 15.

Doing the garden felt great, working that Moodoo into the beds, carefully putting all of the irrigation tubes back so that everything in the garden has water getting to it. Then I came home to cook dinner, and went later up to Kate and Jon’s house in Northfield to sit by an outdoor fire. I haven’t been out in weeks, I was giddy with excitement, even as I kept that appropriate mandatory distance.  She showed me her new puzzle table through the living room window.

But a few hours of visiting family was sure tonic.  Today it’s another grey cold day, and it is expected to rain. I’ll be going out shortly for my state-approved walk, listen to more podcasts and carry on. Just another day in the period of the lockdown, Pandemic 2020.  This WILL be over soon.