Get Ready to Dance to African Music at Union Station Friday Night

Another Collider is on its way, and that’s a good thing for anyone who loves dancing to highly energetic music from Africa, as two great bands are coming to Northampton’s Union Station on Friday night. BCUC , from South Africa, plays fast-paced Soweto stylings and what can be described as  “afrobeat+afropunk+afropsychedelic music.”  BCUC stands for “Bantu Continua Uhuru Consciousness” and they explain on their website how they play music of the indigenous people in the homeland.

“BCUC take the listener on an intriguing epic journey, sharing their controversial yet interesting views on modern Africa. They tackle the harsh realities of the voiceless, especially the plight of the uneducated workers at the bottom of the social food chain. BCUC taps into the elusiveness of the spirit world of ancestors by which they are inspired. The Africa portrayed by BCUC is not poor, but rich in tradition, rituals and beliefs.”

Opening for BCUC are the wonderful Underground System, who rocked out the Millpond in Easthampton when they played there at the end of the summer.  This band really knows how to set down a groove, they get the entire crowd worked up and it’s a wonderful energetic set of music whenever they play.  Get tickets without fees!  LAUDABLE PRODUCTIONS