Snow Days Make Being Prepared Essential

Today is another certified snow day.  Even UMass is closed, and for that I’m grateful because I agreed to speak at my friend BJ Roche’s class about Media Entrepreneurship.  I’ve postponed until next week, which is a relief.  Today the snow is coming down in teeny tiny flakes, unlike the big ones, these are the kind that stick around and really add up.  We’re expecting about nine inches today.

The night before a snowstorm, it’s always nice when someone goes to the supermarket and we’re stocked up for the whole day. We have everything we need, from firewood to oil in the tank, to two cars securely stored in our garage, and plenty of food.  That feels good! I’m also relieved that my son doesn’t have to drive down to the diner during the storm, he’s off until tomorrow.

So today it’s another day in the office, with Mary making noise upstairs, a break from my usual solitary routine.  Life in New England, and I can hear upstairs she’s making a fire. February is here!