Things I Really Love

lintIn my advanced years, well at least years in which I have had time to reflect, I often like to think about things that truly make me happy.

These aren’t wishes for world peace, and good health, but more pedantic little activities that brighten my day and bring me a sly smile.  Herewith are some of these things.

The sound of the dishwasher running. That wooshing sound makes me assured that all of the dishes are going to be cleaned, and I didn’t have to wash them myself.  I love that water rushing sound, knowing that it’s all inside the machine and not spilling all over me.

Cleaning the lint trap in the clothes dryer. That thin layer of lint just pops out, and it’s satisfying for some reason to remove it.  I could never wait this long, but I saw a vid of a 3-inch thick piece of lint being taken out and it was amazing.

Walking outside and looking at our house. I love this house and now that the exterior is all painted white, it gives me a thrill just walking around and observing that even up in the soffits, it’s all painted.

Watching as a fire begins to ignite in the woodstove.  And the feeling after the stove has been going for a while of complete warmth, a warmth that cannot be equaled by any space heater or radiator. It’s the all-enveloping feeling of warmth that a hot and efficient stove can bring to the house.

Going to the doctor and having him feel good about your prognosis. Having experienced cancer and the accompanying dread, just having the doctor be calm and not sense worry in his eyes is tremendously satisfying.

Spending time with my grandchildren and having my older grandson, Nathan, be responsive, talkative, and even help me with chores.  When your meeting him and his mom warns you about how hard he is to get to do anything and silent, and then you’re surprised by his loquacious and interest in talking to me. He even cheerfully helped me clean out the woodstove flu, a great help, and a very important task. I couldn’t have done it without him.

Hearing from travel writers. I got an email after I sent a letter telling a writer how much I like her writing and pre-paying her for a future story. She responded with a sweet note that showed my letter tacked up above her desk.  What could have made me happier!

Having someone ask me to do something—and I’ve already done it.  Whether it’s back when I was working for a difficult boss, and was able to say this, to today, when I was able to answer in the affirmative about the previously mentioned woodstove pipe cleaning. Check, all done!