Rose Bowen Has Changed My World for the Better

Through the ups and downs of running a travel site, I have one bright spot.   There is an oasis of calm and reasoned thought and that is my webmaster Rose Bowen.

Rose would never ask for such praise, she’s definitely not a front row of the class kind of person, she’s a behind the scenes creative who gets things done and she’s helped me with GoNOMAD since last May.  I went from having a site that I sort of liked, to one that I really love, and that I’m proud to show off. Thanks to Rose.


There are always so many variables, from the complexities of Search Engine Optimizing, so the littlest details like those tiny logos that reside in the top corner of your browser bar, to the hazards of the large images that still haunt our site and Russian hackers who constantly try to break in and mess things up.

Rose navigates it all, never gets flustered, and best of all, she reads the stories and enjoys working on our site. This is something you can’t always expect a webmaster to do. I was told once by another web guy that he never ever reads the text it’s all a blur, he doesn’t think about what the words are saying he cares about the code. OK.  I am very glad that is in the rear view mirror.