A News Fast is Looking Harder to Resist

Time Magazine after Ronald Reagan was elected.I lived through the election of Ronald Reagan, twice, and George W. Bush, twice.  So this is not the first time I have been on the losing side, yet, I’ve never felt more afraid and more angry about a new president.

I am a news junkie—consuming news via the kitchen radio tuned to NPR every morning, the Recorder newspaper that lands on our stoop, and until the past month, the thick Wall Street Journal waiting for me in my mailbox.

Oh, and every night tuning in to Rachel Maddow on MSBNC.  But I am growing weary of it all,  especially today when last night’s clips of Donald Trump boasting on stage and calling the media liars literally gave me nightmares.

I am beginning to wonder if one of my former girlfriends was right when she put herself into a self-imposed news blackout for years.  I don’t know if I can take it.  I started by not renewing my big daily paper by mail.  It was a credit card change, but when it stopped coming, I didn’t renew.  And the evening watching of Maddow’s show, I don’t think I want that either.

I am going to let Trump do what he wants, appoint whatever unqualified people he chooses, and just not know so much about it.  I can’t change who he picks to lead his cabinet, I can’t fix his warped views about climate change and Supreme Court judges, I can  only do a slow boil when I hear the details. So I am out.

I’m paring down my news diet and working to try and focus on my travel publishing business, my grandchildren, my music and my friendships.  I want to put more energy into reading fiction and interesting non-fiction books, watching more movies on Netflix, and enjoying other non-news media.

Maybe a news fast might be too much for me, but I just need to get away from this.  How do you feel?