Modarri Cars: The Fun is in the Assembly

Imagine what it would be like if you walked into an arena where more than 40,000 kids were playing with the newest toys of the season.  They tell you that year after year, your toys have been voted as the kid’s favorite.  That’s what happened with Modarri cars, the lego-like buildable cars that are a favorite at toy stores this season.

I heard this story and decided I needed to see these special toys.

Modarri cars  are the kinds of toys kids remember, and delight in.  They are like Legos for cars, where you can remove pieces and mix them up with other colors. Each car comes with its own little wrench to unscrew the body and allow kids to change how the cars look.

I brought a box of Modarris to a recent Thanksgiving family gathering, and presented them to 4 and 6 year-old girls, and 10 and 12 year old boys.  The latched onto to the wrenches and began taking them apart as soon as they could, and spent the next hour playing with them.

As you see in the video, you can strip these down to the bare chassis and then build your wheels and the other components from the ground up. The little hex wrench has a top that spins making it easier to undo the small screws.

It’s easy to lose them, but it makes the kids feel responsible that even the four-year-old has to keep track of the small black screws.  I think this would make a lot of kids very happy for Christmas!