Holiday Stroll Brings People into the Street

The cold Holiday Stroll last night on Main Street Northampton.
The cold Holiday Stroll last night on Main Street Northampton.

Last night’s Holiday Stroll was a fun event but it was hard to enjoy with the wind chills so high and the temperatures at 29 degrees on the Silverscape Designs clock on Main Street.

We bundled up and walked up the middle of Main Street, first watching people dancing in the cold to music played from a 1930s Peter Pan bus and later watched a guy ride a unicycle and a chorus sing. We walked up a little further where a fire pit warmed a few more people and then decided to head to our reserved table at Paul and Elizabeth’s to meet our friends Paul and Michelle.

It’s not that common to have reservations in this town, most places don’t take them but boy it was nice to be one with a rez watching so many people get turned away.  By 7:30 our friends arrived and the next few hours were very pleasant, getting to know Michelle and Paul, a friend I met playing drums at our weekly jam.

It is always the best when people click–and I could tell from the very beginning that indeed Mary would click with this fun couple and our conversation never stopped until every other customer had left the restaurant.

A non-stop talkfest to me means a successful dinner!