Anticipating a Winter Snow

Snowblowing in S. Deerfield.
Doing my duty in the snow.

No matter how old you are, you never get too old to appreciate and anticipate a coming snowstorm.  For me, this brings me back to Blawenburg, New Jersey, where I grew up and where snowstorms took on an especially passionate resonance.  We just loved it, and we used to pack into the station wagon and go over to Ganz hilll and go sledding. Dad would join us, piling on to the cold steel-tracked sleds, and we’d bomb down the hill.

It was an early bonding moment, and the hot chocolate afterwards as we warmed up in the kitchen of the family hacienda in Blawenburg was such a great memory.

To make myself prepared, I went out and cleared all of the stuff out of the way for a clean launch of the snow thrower tomorrow, then I started it up and it ran like a champ. So I”m ready to clean my driveway and otherwise have a productive work day during this snowstorm.