Greenfield Co-Working Space: Find Out What’s Going On!

Greenspace CoWork Community Symposium: an afternoon of refreshments, discourse, inquires & brainstorming.

Co-Work (ko’wor’k) n. Membership-based workspaces; Diverse groups of local & national professionals, freelancers, independent entrepeneurs, and students working together in a shared, communal setting

The Greenspace Team invites you to join us October, 8th at 4pm @ The Arts Block (289 Main St.) to discover & discuss Greenfield’s first CO-WORK center, the modern answer to reclaiming your office environment.

After the overwhelmingly positive response from our recent article in The Recorder, Greenspace has received numerous requests for information and membership details. In our mission to service our community with flexibility and transparency, we have decided to continue providing opportunities for the public to peek behind the doors of our development process.

Come enjoy The Arts Block’s bar & taps, with locally prepared refreshments served free upon entry. Meet and network with Co-Founders Jeff Sauser and Jeremy Goldsher, along with like-minded individuals interested in joining the nationally recognized co-working community.

Learn more about our exciting plans for Greenfield’s first step into affordable, modern workspaces. Ask & have answered all your questions about the process, the product, and how to become one of our first potential “Pioneer Members” at initial discount rates!

There are many thrilling ideas and opportunities we are preparing to offer within Greenspace, but perhaps most exciting is getting to observe the natural evolution of the space itself in response to our community’s input.

We want to create the best skeleton possible for our members to excel in, but the muscle, tissue, & heart of this endeavor belongs to YOU – the personal touches, the innovations, requests for new space configurations, club formations, etc. We will build the ship, and YOU are its captain.

So, to reach our achievable goal, we need as much participation, feedback & contribution possible from our community to create the best possible space; one that caters to your needs. This is the time to step out of your cramped home office or quiet library nook, and help this revolutionary development with your valued presence.

Discussions Topics may include: Blueprints of space, keeping Greenspace green, membership levels & perks, hours of operation, lectureship series, workshops to kickstart your business, collaboration with other co-work spaces, member Do’s & Don’t’s, booking a conference room, can I Rock Out?, and much much more~

We are an equal opportunity, safe space for all, so don’t be shy and come meet your new peers and potential BFFs at Greenspace CoWork’s very first Symposium!       #: 4132218643