Gould’s is Where You Go for Pancakes!

Helen Gould who runs Gould's Sugar House in Shelburne Falls.
Helen Gould who runs Gould’s Sugar House in Shelburne Falls.

Helen Gould is a ‘Greenfield girl.” She told us that when we visited Gould’s Sugar House, 570 Mohawk Trail, Shelburne Falls….an institution if there ever was one, in New England tradition and pride.  They have had this farm since 1775, and have increased their acreage to the current 464 acres, where they have sugar maples and grow crops.

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The signs for the maple syrup look like they’ve been in use for more than 10 years. That shows you that maple syrup is still about the same price as it was way back when those signs were new.

It’s a whole lot of labor to make a gallon of the beloved Maple liquid, and I”m proud to have been a Yankee and a maple syrup lover for 30 years.  maple barrels

The Gould’s place in Shelburne Falls has been in the family since 1775.