Why Do Heroin Dealers Drive Around with Broken Brake Lights?

Some random thoughts on this soggy, chilly sorta-snow day.

I read today about another heroin bust in Deerfield on Interstate 91.  Every time they nab a dealer, it’s always because they have easy-to-spot problems with their cars. Yesterday’s criminal/junkies had a broken brake light.  Others get stopped for speeding, or crossing marked lanes, and it always makes me wonder–if you had heroin in your car, wouldn’t you drive perfectly, just to NOT get stopped?   These jokers told the cops that they were coming from Vermont…but they were driving north.  And it turned out that no one had a valid license and it wasn’t even their car.  Hmmm, wonder why such dumb people keep getting busted for heroin.  It makes the cops jobs so much easier when there are valid and legal reasons for pulling someone over.

I”m glad for my daughter Kate that today was not a snow day, but merely a two-hour delay day.  I always feel for parents who have to juggle and jump through hoops when they suddenly have to take care of their kids on days when they have to be working. I”m signed up to pick them up at school but couldn’t change my plans around, so it worked out.   This winter is a big disappointment. I had thought we would be getting a lot of snow, but now I think we might just get through with little more. For some reason that bugs me. I like a winter that’s a winter, and the snow makes things feel cozy.  Last night’s 2-3 inches will all be washed away soon. Sigh.

I don’t think it’s just me, but the business climate this month feels like it’s just anemic.  People are not saying yes, they are not ready to spend more money on advertising, and it’s becoming a familiar and unpleasant routine. I’m getting more ‘nos’ to my advertising proposals than ever before. I hope I can hold out until things pick up!