Advice for Your Faraway Valentine

Valentines day always leaves me stumped. It seems like you have a choice–go the typical flowers and candy route, just like everyone else, or spend a little more time and think of something that will really zing her. Unfortunately, all good plans go awry and most people end up at Stop and Shop on the appointed day without a plan.

In the spirit of trying to help, here are some ideas from Megan Bearce, the author of Super Commuter Couples, a book on how to keep it real with a long distance relationship.

If your spouse or partner is working out of town, contact the administrative assistant in their office or the concierge at their hotel. These people can be extremely helpful “Cupids” for arranging a special gift to be placed on the hotel bed, flowers delivered to an office or meeting or any other surprise you’d like to plan.

Go old school and make a mix-tape of your favorite songs from when first met. Send the e-file to your loved one and have it play on opening. Or tuck it into their bag before they leave with their Valentine’s Day card.

Schedule your own special Valentine’s Day when you’re both together. There’s no reason a greeting card company gets to decide when you express your love! Make your own special day a tradition in your family.

Let them know a surprise awaits them upon return. Throughout the day on Feb 14th you can text or email photos with hints. A single flower, a candle, the edge of your favorite sheets. A little mystery goes a long way!

A couple in my book often dines together via Skype. Set the table with dinner and your laptop or iPad, light some candles, turn on the camera, and let the romantic evening begin. You can see each other, chat, and connect almost as though you were together.

Finally, why not pull the biggest gift of all and surprise them with an unexpected visit on Valentine’s Day!