Shooting BBs Out of Car Windows Crosses the Line

My rage was shared by many other friends, who read about Sunday’s incident in Northampton when someone fired a BB gun out of a car window and shot holes in windows on 13 buildings from Main to Pleasant Streets.  I find this act totally out of character for the city of Northampton, and just not something I’d think would take place here.

Massachusetts is not the kind of state where wackos drive around shooting out of car windows. Is it?  Vandalism fills me with anger–it’s so senseless, it has no reasoning….it’s not like 15 separate businesses did some guy wrong, and he’s getting payback.

The stories I’ve read about other vandalism …school’s computers destroyed, carpets ripped up, damage in the thousands…and the perps are usually stupid young boys with nothing else to do.  They can’t really say why they did it.

On Facebook, my anger was shared, this sense that shooting those BBs really crossed a line.  “Five to 10 years in prison would be too good for these idiots. The more cameras, the better as far as I am concerned. Catch the bastards and put ’em away,” said one of my friends.

I do see a sliver of hope here…since there are more cameras pointing at public places than ever before. Maybe someone can rewind those cams and find the car that passed by at 9-9:30 pm on Sunday. Maybe we can catch a license plate or a face.  If we can, I hope like David does that it’s a severe penalty.

This is not acceptable. At all.