Nova Scotia on a Plane Tonight, first a Drive to Montreal

We are madly packing for a trip to Nova Scotia this week. We will drive to Montreal and at 5 pm take the Porter Airlines flight over to Halifax. Many people have asked us why we’re not taking the ferry from Maine. The sad answer is that there is no longer a ferry from Bar Harbor, so flying or taking a ferry from New Brunswick are the only options.

This trip will take us to a harborside view of the Bay of Fundy…the world’s largest tides. We will eat lobster and watch this phenomenon at Annapolis Valley, Atlantic Canada’s richest agricultural region. Hall’s Harbor will be the village where we will see the tides.

The trip is filled with opportunities to meet local Nova Scotia-ites and find out about their lives and what it’s like to live there. Many up there work in agriculture and eating of course will be a big part of the journey.

Our road trip will take us to Wolfville, and Grand Pre, and the biggest town Halifax. Follow us on Twitter @gonomad and we hope to entertain you with stories and photos from way down east this week.