“May I See Your Photos?” She Asked, while Burgundy France Whizzed By

Just after this, a food car came into the TGV and the hostess deleted all of the photos of them serving wine and food. oh well.

I’m in my Dijon hotel room after a long journey starting in Boston and travel by car, TGV train and good old walking.  I had some time to hang out at the Gare de Lyon in Paris after I took the Cars Air France bus from Charles de Gaulle  Airport to the train station. This is a great option for anyone who needs to make this connection. I remember once taking a taxi and the meter exploded into nearly triple digits for the one-hour trip, it was just 17 euros to take the bus.

I had a little traveler’s moment when I went to charge my iPhone and saw that my adapter doesn’t have the grounding plug most French plugs require, so I’ll need to find an adapter to charge my various devices. Fortunately I traveled with two little battery packs that charge devices without plugs. So I’m ok for a while.

I took the TGV Lyria train, bound for Lusanne Switzerland, to its first stop, Dijon Ville.  In the first class car, two uniformed women came in wheeling a cart full of wines, drinks, and big plates of food. They stopped at at table across from me and handed over a plate. Then they ignored most of the people in the car, beelining for those who were going all the way to Switzerland, not pikers like me getting off at the first stop, just 90 miles from Paris.

I took some photos of them serving the food, and then one said in a friendly way, “please let me see what you shot.”  I handed the camera over to her and then when I she gave it back and they wheeled the cart out of the car, I saw that she had deleted every image of the them on the train.  Wow.  I guess that’s a lesson, but I sense that if I had asked them they would have said no anyway.

I have never seen that happen, but they do have the right not to be in my article. The shots were pretty good showing the amenities of first class travel by RailEurope.com. Sorry guys, I tried. Thanks for the rail pass!