Thought I Could Forego the Lighter Fluid on the Grill…But No

There are a lot of things swirling around in my head on this sultry May evening. First, I had to abandon my notion of  a totally green barbecue when my plan to use newspaper and small twigs inside a can didn’t light the briquettes right. So I trudged over to the store for the requisite lighter fluid.

I’m traveling on Saturday and will be gone for ten whole days. The longest trip I’ve taken in a while, usually it’s the standard 5 or 7 days. So there are so many things I haven’t done yet, still, I’m checking off the boxes and trying to keep up.  I spent my morning and most of the hot afternoon down in my subterranean basement. I did not remember how much of a difference temp wise it is down there, but each time I’ve emerged it’s made me want to retreat back down.  That’s one small advantage to working at home, I have no air conditioning bill and am comfortable even when the mercury hits 90.

I know I’ve got to mow the lawn, other wise in June the steambath will create one-foot high grass, and since I’m beefing about my neighbor’s overdue ‘Beatle grass’ I have to keep my yard trimmed. Would hate to come home to it, so I’ll add it to the list.

Today I snuck in some time at my favorite cafe, the Brass Buckle, where I pounded out a beginning and an outline of my story about our trip to Lewiston.  I hope my friend Jack will run with that and can complete the story from where I left off. Here’s hoping.

I was pleased to find that there is a Klout perk that’s really worth something.  This social media site monitors how many tweets and retweets and Facebook comments one gets and assigns a score.  I got a notice that anyone with a score over 55 gets free admission into American Airlines lounge. And with my 62 score, I shall indeed use this perk and hang out there while I wait for my flight to Paris on Saturday night in Boston.