My Goals for 2013

It’s time for new year’s resolutions….and I hope that next year I can cross many of these off my list.

1. Push harder to bring back the golden revenues of days gone by.  Make more sales calls and keep at it harder to bring more companies into the mix and expand our income stream with sponsorships and promotions.

2. Publish at least 15 more Plane Reader ebooks over the year. More if we can.  Keep bringing new titles to market.

3. Be kind, and be a good roommate. In 2013, I finally am living with a great woman, so I need to make it all work in harmony.

4. Find an outlet for volunteering.  Donate time and resources to the betterment of a great cause.

5. Find a place to work outside the house with other creative types.  Create a shared workspace in Greenfield or another nearby town to bring people together to share creative energy and ideas.

6. Travel to new countries…take the trips, write the stories, find new radio outlets to share travel information.

7.  Learn Spanish. Not sure how but I still want to do that.

8. Cut a hole in my kitchen wall to create a nearly open floor plan for our downstairs. Figure out how to do it with a new support beam and not a huge amount of money.

9.  Spend regular time with people who matter to me…my son, my grandchildren, my daughter, my partner, my parents, my sisters, my cousins. Visit my New Jersey relatives more and keep in touch with my beloved elders.

10.  Read more books and watch less TV. Be more productive in the evening, get more done, focus on this list and achieve all of the goals above.