The Last Blog of the Year–Time for the Best Stories of 2012!

I have a few year end challenges that I hope I can manage to finish today.  It’s still what feels like holiday time, despite it being Monday morning, so we’ve gotten a slow start. Outside is about as cold as it gets around here, 16 degrees, and inside it’s taking a longer than usual time to warm up.

Sudan image from last year's top story by Rene Bauer
Rene Bauer’s image of a chief in Sudan, the top GoNOMAD story of 2011.

As I often do at certain times of the year, I read through old blog posts to see what I was saying here in years past. One was a review of Arigato Sushi in Amherst, another a blog about escaping to Cancun at the heart of winter. Last year at this time we were just about to depart for Boca del Tomaltan Mexico, what a glorious escape.  Not this year, not yet anyway.

As the sole proprietor of GoNOMAD, I’m charged with doing everything, and it’s hard not to let some things fall by the wayside. But two year-end traditions are worthy of some extra effort–one is done, our Where We Went column when we share all of our main writer’s travels in one story. The second is the Best Stories of 2012.  Here is last year’s compilation from 2011’s travel stories.

So today’s plan is to spend time looking over every story we published, make a long list of stand-outs, then cull the list down to a top ten and then share this with the world using a press release and our newsletter. Hey if I can pick the stories I will be able to kill two birds with one st0ne–a newsletter and a top ten list, at the same time.

The interesting thing is what makes it a top ten piece?  To me it’s how unique it is, now different and how unusual the destination is. That plus the quality of the photos and its ability to keep the reader engaged.