It Was Owned and Driven by a Little Old Lady–Honest!

I asked for advice from my financial advisor, then I didn’t follow it. Today I bought a new car. Well, not a New new car, but a sweet looking 2006 Nissan Altima owned by a friendly little old lady who lives in my village. She said the police chief had taken away her plates and her license two years ago, so now she’s selling it.

I didn’t realize what effect sitting still for two years has on a car. My trusty mechanic Sir Richard of South Deerfield, lifted the Altima up on the lift and showed me how the brakes were totally rusted where there usually would be shiny steel. “Yep, gotta replace that,” he said, in his famously stoic way. “And there’s an oil leak too.”

Armed with my questionable mechanical review, I went back to my neighbor and bargained her down for about the cost of said repairs. Still, with 36,000 little old lady miles on it, I think this car is a winner. I can’t wait to cruise off on a long trip in this new moss green sedan.