It’s Sure Not 2006 Anymore

The benefits of working for someone else sometimes become glaring and obvious…in fact as obvious as it was when I first decided back in 2005 that I was going to be self-employed from that day on. It’s just these challenges, coming at you like waves, and the sea of bills, that are the headwinds one faces as a solo entrepreneur.

Working for a paycheck, taking it from the man, you never see these hidden costs, these painful little nicks and these expenses that somebody else usually takes care of. It’s so simple to the self-employed, that’s probably why so many of them protest tax rates…because they actually write out a check every quarter to keep up with payments. Having it in your automatic direct deposit, well, you don’t really see or care as much about taxes.

I was looking over some records from 2006. Boy what a year that was for us. If there was a way the economy could approach being even half as robust as back then, nobody would be sitting here writing depressing blogs. I bring this up with Mary, and she wisely advises, ‘hey it’s tougher now. Back then it wasn’t a recession.’

How true. The economy that lifted so many boats in 2006 has set sail forever. So there’s probably no going back to those halcyon days for travel publishers. But I console myself thinking about our ebooks. We’re planning for the future and it’s about the books. Keep calm and carry on, as the English say.