Ouch! The Bucket Hit My Foot and I’m Now Using a Cane

It was a routine trip to the dump, the truck loaded up with all sorts of spring throw-aways. I was so happy to be saying goodbye to those awful plastic chairs and table, salvaged in haste (and error) by my daughter from the side of the road.  Sooooo happy to be tossing these and other horribly unattractive plastic gew gaws into the big tall dumpster.

I had an additional and heavier item to dispose of. A big cracked cylinder full of heavy road salt. I hefted this big bucket up and tried to get it over the edge of the tall dumpster, standing on a metal step to get all the way up. OOPS!  It fell back, and ouch!  right on my left foot. Boy that smarts!

I finished with the recycling and made it back to the house. Sitting on the deck, I could feel the foot swelling…and was easily convinced to take a trip to the hospital for an x-ray when the pain began to throb. A little while later I was staring at a photo of my broken fifth metatarsal, the bone just above the toe. I am now on a cane and my foot is in a bootie. UGH!  I am leaving for India next Wednesday, and on Monday I have to get a regimen of shots like hepatitis A, polio, and a course of malaria pills.

I got quite a scare when someone suggested that my 13-hour flight from NYC to Doha, and the subsequent three-hour flight to Mumbai might cause my blood to clot and so I’ve gotta find out if I’m cleared for the journey. I will trust the orthopedists to make the call, I really hope that I am cleared for take-off since it promises to be an incredible trip.