The Really Big Show Lives Up to its Name

Yesterday we indulged in a Northampton tradition that stretches back 19 years. On the final Sunday of every February, the Really Big Show channels the ghost of Ed Sullivan and brings jugglers, singers, comedy troupe actors and musicians together for an entertaining afternoon of fun. For the second time in a row, Tom Mahnken took the host role and did a great job mixing political jokes into his banter as he introduced the acts.

As we were leaving the theater, I overheard a couple talking about the show, like most in the crowd, of a particular age. “How did you like the show?” she was asked. “Well, I liked the jugglers!” We were a bit perplexed by a lithe woman in a big bird cage, and we like our fellow audience members, were also dazzled by the jugglers…especially when they tossed so many batons back and forth between them.

At one point the host morphed into Kelsey Flynn, who came on stage holding her adorable little baby. That’s because Tommy Mahnken was backstage getting ready to perform on bass with his band, Trailer Park.

The day’s best entertainment, according to Mary was the last act, where Vesuveo, a hip hop producer teamed up with three senior citizen ladies who sang a rousing rendition of an old Rolling Stones tune with a rap flava. Fun watching these three women belt it out juxtaposed with the sunglass wearing coolcat rapper.