Podcamp is the Place Where the Geeky Answers Can Be Found!

A few years ago I first heard about and attended Podcamp Western Mass. It’s a truly creative day where people who love geeky things get together and share with each other. It’s that chance to finally figure out how to post videos on a blog, or how to sync your music with your other computer, and how to do all of these techy geek things that are, well, hard some times. The event is tomorrow, and there are still spaces…it’s the best $30 you’ve ever spent!

There are about 110 people coming, and it’s taking place at Holyoke Community College. Just getting the answer to a few of these nagging questions is a good reason to go, and there are fun people just like me who will be in attendance. Each year it’s grown, and now that GoNOMAD has entered the ebook publishing and podcast game, there are more things we can learn.

If you have those burning questions, those little nagging projects relating to your laptop, smartphone or your Kindle, sign up for Podcamp and there will inevitably be someone who can answer your question.